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Movies are the perfect way to enjoy that chilled weekend, or that boring night hour, the train journey or any of the vacay moods. One always enjoys a good movie and take their boredom out of the window. What if we told you that you can watch all the latest movies without spending a single penny absolutely free on your mobile or laptops. You won’t believe us right ???
Well, Movierulz will do the job for you absolutely free of cost. Movierulz is the largest movie webserver or collection of the latest movies and it torrents. It is the most updated webserver which have movies and torrents in more than 15 languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannad, Spanish, Telugu, Malayalam, Bhojpuri and many more. These languages are part of different subdomains that are given as follows movierulz2, movierulz 3, movierulz ms, movierulz telugu, movierulz hindi, movierulz.vt,,, www.movierulz, movierulz pe,,,, MovieUrlz make your movie download really simple by giving you access to the biggest webserver which have access to all the latest movies. Those days are history when you have to wait for weeks or even months to see the movie you like on your PC or mobile. Movieurlz gives you access to a torrent of the movie on the same day or most of the time on the next day. The Movieurlz is the biggest single webserver to have the best movies.
In this thread, we will see the following things needed for you to know all about what Movieurlz is and clear all the doubts regarding any legalities of the same.
1)Movieurlz 2020¬: Biggest link to download the latest movies
2) New Movieurlz links 2020
3) Movieurlz app 2020
4) Legal alternatives of the Movieurlz (web)
5) Legal Alternatives of Movieurlz(app)
6) Frequently asked questions about Movieurlz
7) The history behind the Movieurlz
8) How to use Movieurlz?
Let’s take a look at all of them one after another.

Movieurlz 2020¬: Biggest link to download the latest movies
Movieurlz is the webserver to have the best experience while downloading your favourite movies in more than 10 languages including regional languages like: Tamil, Telugu,Spanish,Kannad, Malayalam, Hindi , Punjabi and a lot more. The best thing about Movieurlz is that we have separate web server for the separate languages which makes it extremely easy for the user to search for their favourite movies in their favourite language without paying any extra cost. Let me explain with an example : imagine going to a server with all the movies in the world and searching for a latest movie in your regional language . it will be a tough job right? Yes , it will be . Now imagine downloading the same movie within a website that only have movies in your regional language . It makes the job a lot more simpler . For downloading the Telugu movies we can use movierulz telugu , and we will be letting the list of all the latest telugu hits.
All the Bollywood hit are also available in the movierulz app and website.
• movierulz udta Punjab
• movie rulz uri the surgical strike
• movierulz qismat
• movierulz qismat movie
• qarib qarib singlle movierulz
• movierulz Qatar
• movie rulz sairat
• movie rulz robot 2.0
• movie rulz marjaavaan

New Movieurlz links 2020
The updated link for the best user experience are given below. Feel free to comment down below to give us any down reports or any queries regarding these new links.
movierulz2, movierulz 3, movierulz ms, movierulz telugu, movierulz hindi, movierulz.vt,,, www.movierulz, movierulz pe,,,,,
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Movieurlz app 2020
Who loves movie night????
Everyone of us likes it , so we are here making the Movie night interesting by watching your favourite movies on your mobile phones easily .
There is an APP for downloading the Movieurlz movies. The app is less than 2MB and is supported by almost every android device.
Some cool features of the app are:
• Watch series and films in your languages by downloading them on your phone
• There is an offline mode which allows you to save your series for later usage in the app only.
• Latest app version fixed the crashes that were causing the app to close when using for long hours
• The App is made to make sure it doesn’t process a lot of CPU usage and is very user friendly
Famous movies that are available on the app:
• movierulz amma rajyam lo kadapa biddalu
• movie rulz abcd
• movie rulz addon
• movie rulz aravindha sametha
• movierulz athade srimannarayana
• movie rulz a aa telugu movie
• movie rulz arjun reddy telugu movie
• movie rulz aravinda sametha movie
• movie rulz bahubali 2
• movie rulz bichagadu
• movie rulz banjara
• movie rulz batla house
• movie rulz babu baga busy
• movie rulz bajirao mastani
• movie rulz bandobast
• movie rulz bharat ane nenu
• movie rulz bhojpuri
• movie rulz bichagadu telugu
• movie rulz fast and furious telugu
• movie rulz darbar
• movie rulz dear comrade
• movie rulz dot com
• movie rulz ds
• movie rulz darling
• movie rulz degree college
• movie rulz dhoom 2

Legal alternatives of the Movieurlz (web)
Yify : this is one of the sites you can use to download the torrent easily and effectively without have to worry about anything

Joox Movies: this platform allows to download the torrent of your desired movies only after its valid by the producers of the movies. That’s why it takes a lot of time for your favourite movie to land up in this website and to download it further.
Sony crackle : is the website that allows you to watch movies and series in tamil or any other languages . On this website you can also watch cartoon or series of your favourite actors and actresses.
Moviezap: This website is also the part of the big Movieurlz family and updates the latest movies quite frequently. This website allows you to give the latest movies and series a watch and have fun even downloading them for offline purposes.
Movies4u: is the web alternative of almost all the shows and movies you watch on Movieurlz, Movies4u have the second largest collection of movies after Movieurlz. Some of its content might be banned / suspended in India but most of it is freely used. It is very popular in USA, UK from where over 1 million visits happen in one given month.
Legal Alternatives of Movieurlz 2020 (app)
• Amazon prime video: this is one the asia’s biggest platform to stream and watch your favourite shows. It has the collection of latest movies, web series and live TV as well , but unlike the MOVIEURLZ its not free. There’s a small fees or subscription that we have to pay to avail the benefits and using it easily. This app also allows you to watch movies offline by saving the to your app . one drawback to this is you cannot download the movies to your local storage . the movies or series you saved are only there on the app and not on your mobile’s local storage
• HULU : it is one of the largest streaming platform worldwide . with its wide range of collections of movies and shows the demand of this app grew drastically over the period of 5-7 years. HULU charges a lot in the name of subscription or monthly fees that sometimes seems unfair and extra. Also it don’t have the options to watch movies in your regional language like telugu and other. So if you’re looking to watch movies in your regional language HULU is a no .
• Netflix : it is the largest movie streaming platform all across the world . Netflix india is doing wonders from the last 2-3 years by giving us amazing web series like Sacred games and many others, Netflix india is doing such wonders because of the amazing team .Netflix india have even decided to spend more that 1000 crore to make new content for Netflix premium and amaze the users to choose them . One downside of Netflix is that it consumes a lot of data usage. So, if you’re on a limited data usage, you should definitely skip this.
• Popcorn time : this is one more emerging platform to download and watch your favourite movies easily on your phone. It has collection to almost all the latest movies available in multiple qualities like low , medium, HD , True HD and lot more.

Frequently asked questions about Movieurlz free
Is Movieurlz in Telugu a pirated website?
• Websites have many but not a good one, as Movierulz telugu websites Download movies or games for free, almost all of them are in violation of copyright rules, and they are also illegal. Hackers put things like malware and viruses in your device through Movierulz telugu websites which can damage your device and can also steal data from your device, and they do. Torrent use is even more dangerous, so stay away from Movierulz telugu websites if you follow my advice.
• There are many websites like Movierulz telugu that post Pirated Version Movies in their website. All this webistes sends data that is somewhere violating the law in one place or the another , so its better to keep a closed look on the websites before downloading. These webisites provide the movies in many different qualities ie: HD Quality like MKV, MPEG, 720p, MP4, HD, Blue-Ray, 480p, 1080p etc, but all of these don’t change the fact that using this a punishable offence under the constitution of Government of India.
Can we use the following from the movierulz website telugu free
• movierulz yevaru
• movierulz ye maya chesave
• movierulz yedu chepala katha
• movierulz yugantham
• movierulz yamudu
• movierulz yuganiki okkadu
• movierulz youtube
• movierulz yamapasham
• movierulz yuddham sharanam
• movierulz yaariyan
• movierulz yedu chepala katha movie
• movierulz yevade subramanyam telugu movie
• movierulz yedu chepala katha full movie
• movierulz yeto vellipoyindi manasu
• movierulz yedu chepala katha telugu
• movierulz yedu chepala katha movie download
• movierulz yeto vellipoyindi manasu download
• movierulz yedu chepala katha download
• movierulz yamaleela 2
Answer to all these questions is yes. Movierulz free telugu movie download 2020 have access to all the stated movies in the movierulz apk app download
So what to do now?
There are many places like YouTube, Jio Cinema, Netflix, amazin prime, hotstar where we can watch the movies, especially if the film is old or South India, there is a possibility of getting it on YouTube. New movies these days are now available in almost all of these streaming apps and a user can enjoy without having to worry about going to jail for watching some movie
For those who are not available for free, you can use video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix is very expensive, a common person cannot subscribe to it. According to me Amazon Prime Video is the best, it is also the cheapest (30 day free trial then ₹ 129 per month or ₹ 999 per year) and the services are also very good. Those who have to pay on Hotstar are found here
No ,it’s not okay
The film makers , the actors , the directors and the whole team spends day and night to make a movie . more than that it’s the hard-earned money of the producers and film makers which actually makes any movie possible. watching pirated version means not giving them the fair charge of their hard work and the passion of theirs to create more amazing movies and cinema. Its actually unfair to not respect the artists and leaking the movie before its release date. It has become a serious issue in INDIA and globally as well. Hollywood also remake the versions of our Bollywood, Pollywood and Tollywood without having the proper rights of the movies


There was a lot of buzz around the internet for watching and downloading movies. So then movieurlz was born as a torrent downloading server. the step was so huge, that the makers then made a lot of changes and finally converted into a public torrent server, the demands never stopped and now MOVIEURLZ is a family of more than 1 million visitors daily and a lot of hard work goes into this to use them . The later advances of the model even added the series and webshows .
The popular demand somewhere fell after the early start and the makers were not understanding why?
After research and techniques, they found out that this is because they were lacking regional movies. So, they instantly started using regional language content by using telugu , tamil dubbed movies
It was so successful that let us know the revenue model by only telugu movieurlz
 Average Visitors for Movierulz telugu Site: 3 – 4 Lakhs Per day.
 Propeller Ads: 20 – 80 Lakhs per month Approx. (20,00,000 ₹ Approx per Month).
 Daily Revenue: 930 $ – 3,000 $, Means (60,000 – 2,00,000 ₹ Approx per day)
They were making Rs 60,000- 2,00,000 only from its one sub domain and they never stopped after that.
Later they featured a separate app for movieurlz which gave them an amazing push in the growth as well.

How to use Movieurlz?
To Download a movie, the user just has to access that link. For example, if you want to Download a Bollywood movie, then click on Movies => India Movies => 2014 => Movie Name. Downloading will begin. Visit Free Movie Sites in Web Browser: Many free movie sites provide movie shorts, classics, foreign languages and other types of content for you to Download. Here are some free movie sites:movierulz website, movierulz2, movierulz 3, movierulz ms, movierulz telugu, movierulz hindi, movierulz.vt,,, www.movierulz, movierulz pe,,,,

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